Startup: It’s Never Too Early

Do you want your baby to be the only one incapable of identifying a threat, brandishing a shotgun, and dealing swift, holy justice? Start preparing for the zombie apocalypse early!


Big Complicated Machines


I have spent many hours thinking of an escape route through the lower peninsula of Michigan in the event of a Zombie Apocalypse or just a general breakdown of society. I believe that my plans should include this custom Tucker snow vehicle with custom armor. I mean, how incredibly awesome is this?

[Image […]


Startup: Treadmill Defense

If the Zombie Apocalypse does start, I’m just going to surround my house with treadmills and leave them running. I should be fine.


Startup: Zombie Preparedness

Oh, you say there’s an apocalypse coming? No worries, I got this.

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User Input: Somewhat Topical?

Let’s face it, it’s coming. The Mayans predicted this was the end of the world (no, no they didn’t). Venus is passing between us and the sun, so a bunch of planets are aligning or something. Both the Kardashians and those oompa-loompa freaks from New Joisey have had their shows renewed, but Firefly […]


Startup: It’s About Time

The fine folks at Hornady have worked tirelessly to prevail where others may not have even bothered. Their “Zombie Max” ammunition is just what we need to survive during the all but certain eventual zombie apocalypse. This is no joke, as it says on the box, these are real bullets. As you can see […]


Startup: Necessary Condescension – Flight School Edition

Ailerons are the flaps closest to the wing tip on the trailing edge of the wing, and can be used to roll the aircraft around its longitudinal axis. This is called an aileron roll, not to be confused with the more commonly touted (but oft-misused) barrel roll, where the flight path follows […]

Genius Innovators

Zombie-Proof House

Last night while researching zombie apocalypse survival techniques (aka watching The Walking Dead), I recalled seeing this house in one of our Atomic Toasters Staff Meetings Where Mitch Beats Us Then Gives Us Cookies. I dug out the link and decided to share it with you. Because, let’s face it, we have a social responsibility here to make sure that all of our readers are as prepared for a zombie outbreak as we are.
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User Input: The Boring Version of a Hangover

Talk about catering to a niche market…

Whether you love Hallowe’en, or wish the whole damn thing would just go away, there’s no doubt it can be one hell of a messy holiday. Somehow it’s reached the point where people actually go out of their way to heavily decorate their yards, only to […]

Genius Innovators

If You Can’t Get There From Here, Track It!

The wheel is a pretty impressive bit of kit. It’s round for efficient rolling over things. Once the balloon tire came along, traction improved and so did ride quality. It has a problem, though. If the mud/snow/sand/zombie bodies are too deep, the wheel loses traction. And that, my friends, is Not A Good Thing™.
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