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Last Call for Hooniversal Secret Ninja-Claus!

It’s that time of year again…

For those of you who may have missed it over on our sister site, Hooniversal Secret Ninja-Claus is back on again. You have until tomorrow to get your name into the pot if you’d like to participate.

There are two ways to ensure you’re going to be […]

User Input

User Input: Mr. Fusion

The 1958 Ford Nucleon concept car

In the 1950’s, America — and the rest of the world, to a lesser extent — was positively agog over the potential represented by the nuclear era. This new, compact, clean energy source was surely destined to be the saviour of mankind’s energy needs. Research was proceeding […]

Hooniverse, Spy vs Spy Week

Stakeout, Stasi-style

Mercedes-Benz W123 diesel

Monday. A serious-looking man in a hat, sitting in a brown Mercedes-Benz four-door saloon. Dirty street, after lunchtime. “Knock knock”, the sound of leather glove clad knuckles on a window. Just like every time when it had been Günther’s turn to go get some coffee. Hans wound the window down.

“Yes”, he replied, “zwei stücke Zucker, ohne Milch, just like every time.”
“Nein, Hans, I have got to tell you something.”
“Was? Was ist los?”
“I don’t know what is los, but I have found out something disturbing.”

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Startup: Sometimes Simplest is Best

Mine still worked perfectly, even 40 years later.

For most of the 1960’s, Rambler, the flagship brand of American Motors, used a simple bag like this one to provide a fluid reservoir for their windshield washer system. There was a simple pump, on a pedal just below the dashboard. To wash the windshield, […]