Airborne Awesomosity

Going Tailless

When Northrop began development of the X-4 Bantam, tailless aircraft weren’t new. However, the US had no experience with them and was hoping to find a solution to shock stall as we pushed towards breaking the sound barrier.

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Airborne Awesomosity

X-15 Breaking Mach 4


The North American X-15. It makes my heart beat increase to unhealthy levels. Just looking at it causes physiological changes that are generally reserved for my wife or Kaley Cuoco. I shouldn’t keep this to myself. I need to share.

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User Input

User Input: X Marks the Spot

Last Friday DARPA had a special announcement, and as I have strong suspicions about some of you being on their email list, I would imagine many of you saw it. Building on the success of the two Falcon HTV-2 test aircraft, they are developing a new Integrated Hypersonics (IH) program, with the goal of building a […]

Airborne Awesomosity

Pointy On Both Ends

The jet engine was still only a few years old when Chuck Yeager broke the sound barrier. Just a few years after that, NACA and the US Air Force were looking at what design was necessary for sustained supersonic flight. One such attempt was with the X-3 “Stiletto” beginning in 1952.
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Cool Nights and Hot (Lifting) Bodies

Every pixel in this image is cooler than you.

You know, because the edge of space is cold, and the friction of reentering the atmosphere causes a lot of heat. Get your minds out of the gutter, folks, and harken to the tale of the HL-10, a fantastic design from the best toyshop in all of America: the Northrop Corporation.

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