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User Input: Dream Works

I encountered a very interesting fellow last night; his father had run a very specialized, and very successful, automotive brokerage, dealing with rare or slightly exotic vehicles. Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Aston Martin and other European exotics. When his father retired, he took over the family business, and changed its focus. Drawing on his own […]

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User Input: Tool Joy

As spring seems to be reluctantly dragging itself towards us — although it’s currently snowing again outside my window as I write this — I decided it was finally time to swap my winter wheels and tires for my summers. In the past, this would have involved loading them all into the car […]

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User Input: Project Preparation

As spring is reluctantly shuffling its way towards us here in the frozen north, my thoughts have begun to dwell on the various wrenching projects I’ve been prevented from undertaking in the last few years, due mostly to an absence of space. As I now have a nice big garage to allow me […]

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User Input: Tidbits of Desire

This would do.

I find myself in the semi-enviable position of having the opportunity to outfit a garage and workshop. In all my years, and all the homes I’ve owned or lived in, I’ve never actually had a garage. I’ve had covered carports that kept the rain off, I’ve had nice secluded driveways, […]