Startup: Shatner Roasts Lucas

At the American Film Institue’s presentation of a lifetime achievement award to His Holiness George Wentworth Tyson Frogbladder Lucas the Great and Nutty, William Shatner opened the show. Described by YouTubers as “the best worst singer on the planet”, he roasts Lucas with a recitative lampoon of Ol’ Blue Eyes’ “My Way”. Apparently it was so embarrassing that AFI doesn’t include it on their web site, but someone made sure it was up on YouTube and credited AFI anyway. Video after the jump.

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Startup: The More Things Change…

Courtesy of our own tenbeers, I recently stumbled upon a Facebook page that caught my interest and caused me to lose an hour or so of my afternoon. The page is called “Tweets Of Old“, and is a cleaned up, civilised version of a Twitter feed by the same name.

The concept is very […]

Shutdown, Vintage Advertisements

Shutdown: The Power of Shatner Edition

Let’s face it, if William Shatner says it’s good, it’s gotta be good! I mean, he’s used the computer on the Enterprise, and it’s got flashing lights and everything!

[FYI: Shutdown will (usually) be our final post of the day; it’s your place to chat, to wander off-topic, to discuss anything that needs to […]