Atomic Hangovers

The House in the Middle

In 1954, the National Paint, Varnish and Lacquer Association and the National Clean Up – Paint Up – Fix Up Bureau got together with the Federal Civil Defense Administration to produce this propaganda gem. Model houses were built in the desert and exposed to atomic blasts to show the effect of the heat from those explosions on the common home. The narrator questions, “What do these tests prove?” Then he kindly provides the answer–“Many things!” If you practice good houskeeping–civil defense housekeeping–like a clean yard and a fresh coat of paint (or two), your home just might survive an atomic last without getting burned to a crisp!

The National Archives gives this description:

Atomic tests at the Nevada Proving Grounds (later the Nevada Test Site) show effects on well-kept homes, homes filled with trash and combustibles, and homes painted with reflective white paint. Asserts that cleanliness is an essential part of civil defense preparedness and that it increased survivability. Selected for the 2002 National Film Registry of “artistically, culturally, and socially significant” films.

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