Startup: There’s An App For That

It might be that you need to protect your phone from more than just spills and dropping. No word on whether it comes in a right-handed version.


Startup: Zombie Preparedness

Oh, you say there’s an apocalypse coming? No worries, I got this.


Startup: Office Assault

I’m not sure if this menacing beast if fully functional, I’m not even sure I can identify all the parts used. One thing is certain though: the man who built this is not to be trifled with. You probably picked up his manifesto once when he forgot it on the photocopier, and will one […]

Military-Grade Awesome

Bangalore Torpedo

A while back, Number_Six sent a tip in (to tips at atomictoasters dot com) on the Bangalore Torpedo. I had heard of these before, but I had never really looked into how they work. If you haven’t a clue what I’m talking about, hit the jump.
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Startup: Advanced Weaponology

We’ve talked about missiles, fighter jets, nukes, spy satellites, and score of guns. That’s all fine and dandy if you’ve got a budget and an arms supplier. But let’s talk about The People’s Weapon. Cheap, simple, accessible, works when waterlogged, works when coated in mud, never jams, and able to repel aliens. Fat Boy […]

User Input

User Input: Hide It Where They Can Find It

During the American Civil War, J P Morgan bought defective rifles from the army, and sold them back to the government as new, non-defective weapons. Not only did he make a profit on the sale, but he actually pre-sold the weapons to the government and used that money to buy the bad guns in […]