Moments in History

Sgt. Stubby


The 102nd Infantry Regiment was practicing on the fields at Yale University when a pit bull mix wandered by seeking out the sound to fulfill his curiosity. It was the summer of 1917 and the world was at war. The wandering dog soon fell in line with the soldiers and spent the day with them. By sunset, the unit had made him their unofficial mascot and named him Stubby.

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Military-Grade Awesome

Cry, “Havoc!”, and Let Slip the Dogs of War

Osama bin Laden couldn't hide from the war dogs.

In Act 3 Scene 1 of Julius Caesar, Shakespeare made reference to the “dogs of war”. While the phrase has come to be used for any time anything goes on any sort of attack, Shakespeare was talking about actual dogs used in war. As far back as the Egyptians and Persians, dogs have been used in warfare. It wasn’t until recently in the US that dogs have had combat roles.
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