V’Ger Songs


Ever wonder what it might sound like if the proton count data received by the Voyager space probes was converted to a musical duet? A gentleman by the name of Domenico Vicinanza has done just that, taking measurements from the cosmic ray detectors on Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 at hour intervals, and converting it into two melodies.

I wanted to compose a musical piece celebrating the Voyager 1 and 2 *together*, so used the same measurements (proton counts from the cosmic ray detector over the last 37 years) from both spacecrafts, at the exactly same point of time, but at several billions of kms of distance one from the other.

I used different groups of instruments and different sound textures to represent the two/ spacecrafts, synchronising the measurements taken at the same time. (motherboard)

Hit the jump and give a listen!

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User Input

User Input: Easter Eggs

I’ve got a feeling of Deja Vu…

I have a PVR now, which is tremendously exciting to me, except for the fact that it keeps filling up with stuff. Lots and lots of stuff. Apparently I don’t watch television very often, so the shows I want to watch very quickly start clogging up my storage server, and then suddenly I need to go watch things so I can delete them. It’s funny how television can actually become a chore. I’m a bit amazed by that.

While shuffling through the hundreds of shows I perpetually want to watch but not right now, I discovered the very first episode of Star Trek: Voyager. I haven’t actually watched that since 1995, or whenever it aired, and I think the first time, I missed the first few seconds. That may be one of the best Star Trek in-jokes, aside from the presence of R2-D2 in the latest Star Trek movie. I won’t explain, because I’ve got the clip below the jump, but it’s a cute little homage. I particularly like it because I do have an established love of in-jokes and easter eggs, so this tickled my inner geek in delightful ways.

What’s the greatest hidden reference, in-joke or easter egg you’ve stumbled across?

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