Startup: Might Be History

Some hipsters competing to see who’s ska ukelele vinyl is the most underground, as photographed by another hipster with one of those camera filter apps for his smartphone.

Or possibly listening booths at an HMV store in London in 1955. I can’t tell any more.


User Input

User Input: Stubborn Resistance

Purists always say that the sound that comes from an old vinyl LP is warmer and more “genuine” than that which comes from a CD. Scientifically speaking, through a really good system, a good recording on a CD can sound absolutely identical to a performer singing live into a microphone, something which is […]

Ask The Collective

Ask The Collective: Cleaning Vinyl

The worst part about being a Borg drone would be the hold music you’d receive whenever all operators were busy. It’s inside your skull, man!

We received a question on our Facebook wall last night, and as I didn’t see an answer appear, I thought I’d pose it to our commentariat Collective this […]

Adventures in Stereo, Uncategorized

Adventures in Stereo – The World’s First Stereo Record

Welcome to the inaugural post of Adventures in Stereo, where we rummage through the attic of time and find random items of 2-channel audio coolness.

Today’s Adventure: The first Stereo Record

First stereo record

This “Stereophonic Demonstration Record” arrived in a coup from a small independent label, as proudly proclaimed on the back of their albums; “Audio Fidelity Records Produced and released the world’s first Stereophonic High Fidelity record (Stereodisc) in November 1957.”

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