Shutdown: Two TVs!!

As a one tv family, with no cable, no satellite, no such way to watch that televised spectacle yesterday, this seemed appropriate.

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Startup: That’s Not Even A Word


There’s something endearing about the hyperbole in early 20th century advertising. Also, Listerated is one of the greatest made up words that never appeared in Star Trek.


Startup: Essential Sundries

This is, of course, what you use after you start your day with a healthy glass of Brefass Scotch. Or after a night of playing video games when you want people to think you’ve been out drinking.



Shutdown: Time to Eat

Now what goes with this?

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Shutdown: Get Lost in the Labyrinth

 Would you like to play a game?


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Shutdown: Rev Your Motor

No, no, shrinking your motor is a good thing!


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Shutdown: Colorize Your Life

Who says Apple invented brightly colored computing?


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Nerd Artists

Have a Zany Afternoon!

 Take some time this afternoon, and enjoy some whimsical creations from Mr. Bruce McCall. Some of these are out of Major Howdy Bixby’s Album of Forgotten Warbirds, others are from The Other Air Forces. All are perfectly legitimate and useful aircraft, if only they had actually been built.

A longtime contributor to the New Yorker, Bruce McCall is a humorist and illustrator whose best-known work draws on the big-shouldered hubris of the middle 1920s and the early 1950s to create a future paradise where the skies are filled with zeppelins and every car has wings. He’s a wry observer of contemporary life and a witty writer.

McCall began his career as an illustrator for car ads — by his own account not a very good illustrator. He’d left the field and became a copywriter when, on a whim, he and a friend sent some humorous drawings to Playboy (at that time, 1970, it was a legit career move). He soon connected with the founders of the National Lampoon, a pioneering humor magazine, and went on to create some of their most enduring images — finding in the 1970s countercultural media a rich audience for his satirical take on the Atomic Age. He’s now working the same magic at the New Yorker. (

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Airborne Awesomosity

Air & Space: Reiten Die Zeppelin

The Smithsonian Air & Space Fly Now! poster collection is filled with aviation history, in large scale graphic format. This week, let’s take a look at that lost luxury airline choice, the airship. Falling somewhere between the Titanic and the Concorde, a trans-Atlantic crossing could be completed in just days. See if these posters would have enticed you to take a little trip, floating along in your own sky cabin in the world of tomorrow. Just watch out for Nazis!

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Startup: Shave and a Hair Cut

Two bits and you’re airborne. This is an even better idea than the Daddy Saddle, and from the daunting numbers of Glide-O-Bikes I see littering the street corners everywhere, I’m guessing was just as successful.