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3-Bit Video Abstraction Project

My employer makes a nifty little 12-volt LED light that contains separate RGB (red/green/blue) diodes. It’s  3/4-inch in diameter and intended for rugged, outdoor environments — specifically decorative use on carnival rides. The cool thing is that it can change color on command. It has four separate wires — one power plus three separate ground leads — so that the three colors are independently controllable. The result is that the unit can display the eight colors of the 3-Bit RGB palette by powering the diodes alone and in combination.

I began thinking about taking the technology for driving LED matrices and scaling it up to use this light. I thought an LED monitor of sorts made from the company’s products might be an intersting promotional tool, such as at trade shows. The larger lens size and greater viewing angle would make it more akin to an incandescent scoreboard than a desktop circuit board. That would be fairly well suited to scoreboard-style scrolling text and simple animations, but what if you want to display video?

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Go-Fast Technology



Dr. J.A. Purves demonstrates his remarkable invention in spherical locomotion!! Video after the jump!

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User Input

User Input: Power of History

U-Boat Engine

I accidentally stumbled across a video that had me captivated in a way that most things on YouTube are completely incapable of. It was the startup procedure for a WWI U-Boat diesel engine, and somehow it’s captivating. I honestly wish I could have a chance to sit there and watch the whole process.

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Startup: MinusIQ


I normally avoid posting videos, but this was just too good. It’s a parody, and it’s fake, but here’s some technology I sometimes think actually exists. Here’s the premise: we are surrounded by stupid people that annoy us. There are far too many of them to actually fix that problem, so why not take a pill that makes you dumber? I work with people every day that I’m pretty sure were not part of the placebo group. Video after the jump. Continue reading Startup: MinusIQ

Free Range Technology

Rockets and Cameras and Water, Oh My!

"One day kid, you can be immature like us."

Insanity is fun where you’re surrounded by people who encourage it or supplement it.  My uncle is usually the lead in coming up with stupid ways to injure people around us.  He usually spends as much time building a trebuchet, gigantic bubbles, potato cannon […]


Shutdown: The Power of Leadership

It's like a PVR, only less reliable, lower quality, and harder to program!

You hear a lot of advertisers bragging about a company being the leader in their industry, or how a certain product is the leader in its respective field. We, as obedient sheep, take this to mean that it’s a great […]

User Input

User Input: If A Tree Falls On An iPod In An Abandoned Forest, Does The MPAA Still Sue You For Infringement?

When I retired my VCR in favour of my DVD player, when somebody asked, “Where do we play the movie?” I could still point to something. I can’t do that anymore – at least there’s not one definitive thing I can point to. That scares the crap out of me.

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Startup: Diesel Powered Video

Image courtesy of r_jackson's Flickr photostream

Believe it or not, in the 1960’s and 70’s, video tape machines, used by television programs to record shows for broadcast, used huge reels of tape like this. Those reels were run by huge diesel-powered air compressors outside the studio, that provided pressure for air bearings that […]