Big Complicated Machines

BCMs #5 – Another Craven Brothers Tool

A typical metal planer

Greetings, everyone.

Today we’re going to look at another overly large machine tool made by the Craven Brothers, a metal planer.

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Big Complicated Machines

BCMs #4 – A Craven Brothers Tool

Craven Brothers (Manchester) Limited Vertical Mill, Extra-Large Size

Greetings, everyone.

Today’s post is more of a “see what I’ve found” rather than an actual article, but I believe that you will find it interesting.

The photo above is of a 42 foot Vertical Boring and Turning Mill, manufactured by Craven Brothers (Manchester) Limited. […]

Big Complicated Machines, Technostalgia

BCMs #2 Schaufelradbagger

Schaufelradbagger at night

Greetings, everyone.

For a little change of pace, I thought that the Big, Complicated Machine that we would look at today is the mighty Schaufelradbagger, or bucket wheel excavator as it is known in English speaking countries. I personally prefer the German word. The Germans come up with such great five-dollar words for technological items, I just wish I could remember them better. Because the name is a tad long to type a lot, I’ll refer to them as BWEs from here on.

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Big, Complicated Machines #1 – Old Refractor Telescopes Part 1

Present day Lick 36 inch telescope

Greetings, everyone.

I was lazing in the recliner the other day, idly wondering what on earth I could write about. “Christ, half of that group are far too educated for their own good, and the other half have an attention span measured in milliseconds. What might interest the lot of them for the 90 seconds it takes to read an article?” Well, naked women, of course. That always works. I have to keep my dignity though, and someone from the school might spot my writing. How about “big, complicated machines” then?  Yes, that will do, I think.

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