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User Input: Flights of Fancy

You could see this sight out your window someday soon… but I wouldn't hold my breath.

For years, even decades now, we’ve been told that  flying cars would be arriving “any day now”. Certainly, as long as I’ve been alive, there have been breathless exhortations of how close this technology was. Soon, they […]

Great Scams in History

Unfulfilled Promises

In the world of consumer goods, the practice of pre-announcing is fairly common. A company will announce a product months or even years ahead of its completion with a list of features that fires up the press and potential consumers. It’s a marketing move, and puts the competition on notice. It can also lead to heartbreak.
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User Input: Duke Who?

The original Duke Nukem, back when he was 2D, side scrolling, and went by the name "Nukum".

It’s an odd day here at AtomicToasters. We generally tend to avoid the headlines and stick to the obscure, the fringe, and the nostalgic. What we have today, though, is something that crosses between nostalgia and […]

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User Input: Ultimate Vaporware

Thirteen years later during a psychotherapy session, it was discovered that little Jimmy had walked in on Mrs. Breadbox showing her loaf to Mr. Coffee.

When I woke up this morning and started getting ready for work, I let my hover-bed drift me gently into the sonic shower, let the Wardrobatron 3000 select the appropriate shiny silver jumpsuit for me to wear, then strapped on my jet pack and zipped off to the office. Then I woke up and realized it was still the 1940’s and it was all a dream. Shortly thereafter, I woke up from that dream and realized I had spent far too much time the night before on the phone with Deartháir while drinking bottom shelf scotch and nuking incandescent light bulbs in a 30 year old microwave (that last one is more fun than it sounds, and it sounds like hella fun to me).

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