Startup: Monaco’s Open Air Cinema

Yesterday, engineerd™ talked about the first “for talkies” theatre on Catalina Island which reminded me of this fantastic place. A few years back I spent a couple of weeks in Monaco, and after taking in the prince’s palace and the famous Oceanographic Museum, I caught a movie in this former rose garden. Located on […]

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User Input: Gone Fishin’

Last night, Techie and I were discussing the various projects he’s undertaking on board his boat, either doing upgrades, repairs, or simple functional improvements. Strangely, most of these projects seem to somehow involve poo. He commented that even though the weather wasn’t going to be all that nice this weekend, and the jobs […]

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User Input: Bring Your Troubles With You

Just like yesterday, I continue to be on vacation. Despite my desire to go fishing, it’s also hard to pull myself away from my toy-laden utopia, wallowing in my own filth. And when I do go, I can’t leave the geek factor behind. Gone are the days of the casual fishing rod being a […]

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User Input: Leave Your Troubles Behind

I’m on vacation. That is not to say that I’ve gone somewhere exotic, just that I’ve got some time that I don’t have to go into the office. I have very little planned, but I do intend to go fishing. This involves connecting the house and starter batteries, firing up both engines, getting […]

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User Input: Brain Over… Insert Coin

This is a real picture of where I snowboard… yeah, your area is ugly in comparison

Welcome to Friday.  I’m going on two weeks vacation starting today.  It’s going to be glorious.  I’m staying at this wonderful bed-and-breakfast (and lunch and diner) that has all of my favourite stuff already in it.  I’ll […]