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User Input: Bacon Salvation

Come all ye faithful …

If you’ve reached the age where you can understand a single thing that engineerd™ goes on about, then you’re probably an adult. A dorky adult, like us all. And that also means it’s likely that you’ve lived long enough to have a situation where the dung hit the […]

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User Input: Pink Slip for Planet Pluto

Plenty of things in astronomy are constant, permanent, immutable. We might go extinct during the lemur uprising of 2145, and even the sun will eventually exhaust its fuel supply and engulf the lemurs as it expands outward into a red giant in a few billion years. But gravity, magnetism, and the speed of […]

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User Input: Are Board Games Still Relevant?

The initial board layout for EMBASSY, a rather complex counter-espionage-themed game I invented some time back, but never successfully coerced anyone into actually playing.

Board games, from the centuries-old parlor games of chess, backgammon, go and pachisi, to well-known modern classics like Monopoly and Scrabble, and even offbeat, obscure cult favorites, have provided most of us with vivid memories of hours spent with family or friends, even if only as kids. They don’t even require Internet access, electricity or complex equipment, can be played just about anywhere (including camp sites and station wagons), and have kept people around the world entertained for thousands of years. But are they too slow-paced and unexciting for today’s caffeine-fueled, quick-cut-addicted attention spans?
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User Input: Non-Skid and Proud Of It

Advertising features via badges and stickers is pretty common. Just look at cars that are proud to announce via a badge on the ass end that it has “DOHC” or “Fuel Injection”. Or a toaster that announces, via a sticker above the temperature control, that it has bagel warming capabilities. Badges are easy. […]