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User Input: Forgotten Origins

I have to believe that the moniker “milk crate” is not colloquial, but I can only guess as to their true origin or intent, since I’ve never actually seen one used to stow or cart milk. Most of the ones I’ve seen are emblazoned with the words “property of” followed by a designation that […]

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User Input: Original Prankster

Ah XKCD, you have commentary for anything.

A good laugh used to be a simple endeavor: light the bag, ring the bell, and run. Nobody does this anymore, mostly because anyone of the age that does that kind of thing is too busy texting to lift their heads long enough to […]

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User Input: Fun With A Magnetron

It's an animated GIF. I know. I deserve your hatred.

A while back I mentioned a video of a recycling project which included heinous experiments with a microwave. What you are seeing above is what happens when you microwave CD-R discs. As you can see, there’s not much difference in behavior between the […]