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Guest Post: Saddle Up


[We have been fighting an unusually dense influx of spam comments lately, as we have mentioned before (still over 300 a day!), but there have been a few surprise legitimate comments in amongst the clutter. When someone links to one of our posts, that link back can be shown on Toasters, if we approve it. Last week I found a link to one of Fodder’s posts about the Allison V-3420; the linked post being the inaugural post on a little blog called Big Prop. It was a write up on the Fisher P-75 Eagle (a topic also nicely discussed by Fodder in his post on How to Get Out of a Contract!), and I asked the gentleman writer, known as Dubois1985 if he would be interested in running it as a guest post over here, as I felt his storyline angle was different enough from Fodder as to offer up 2 entertaining perspectives for you all. Here is a sort bio he sent for introductions all around:

I’m Dubois1985, a writer and blogger. I’m a massive fan of anything to do with Dieselpunk and World War Two aircraft as well as Batman, Judge Dredd and really bad films.

He also appreciates a good horse metaphor. Enjoy!]

The Japanese were about to come over the horizon any minute. People already thought they’d seen them over Los Angeles. America’s fighters were either ageing horses or else horses that only had three legs. What it needed was a raging stallion with all the power the best engines of 1942 could provide, a ceiling of 38’000 feet and the fastest possible rate of climb between that ceiling and the ground.

It just so happened that General Motors had one of the finest engine manufacturers in the whole United States. Allison. Continue reading Guest Post: Saddle Up