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Startup: It’s Like A Series of Tubes

In an effort to keep milking this Mayan thing as long as possible, I present to you this picture of some tubes. One of the reasons that things like Mayan prophecy get so much play is that so much of their civilization and history has been lost to time. We like to think that […]

Free Range Technology

Stuff from my… Music Room

Pedal Power!

The heart of this website is that old tech is awesome.  The problem is, we really don’t use old technology that much.  Anybody out there want to trade their new MacBook for a Commodore 64?  I didn’t think so (comments from liars who would trade, start at the bottom of the page).

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Troubleshooting Vacuum Based Electronics

Duck, duck, goose

Ions; we has them

Once the backbone of yesterday’s “modern” electronics and still widely used in guitar amplifiers today, vacuum tubes are one of the longest lived electronic device families in history.

Troubleshooting these ancient artifacts however has become something of a lost black art.

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Startup: Welcome to the Future Edition

Borrowed from the inside of my work computer.

Today dawns a fresh new day, full of promise and excitement for both Hooniverse and AtomicToasters. One year ago, we launched Hooniverse with no fanfare whatsoever. We hoped there might be a couple dozen people out there who were interested in the silly nonsense we […]


Welcome to AtomicToasters!

Welcome… to the FUTURE.

If you’re like us, you probably love technology. You like anything with blinking lights, flashing buttons, whirring gears. If it does something cool, or accomplishes something you never thought possible, we can’t help but want it. But if you’re like us, you’re probably a bit tired of the latest tech news.

It seems as though the popular media has decided that the main things that we, as enthusiasts of gadgetry in general, are only interested in the latest and most popular items. Oh look, another app for the iPhone! Wow, a new 3D television! Ooh, some new internet phone service that promises to be even less expensive than the last “free” service!

Well enough of that nonsense.

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