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This Is A Truck And A Home

It seems to be Truck Tuesday here on the Toasters, so I’m sharing with you one of the coolest truck-based pieces of awesome I’ve seen all week. This last weekend in Prescott, AZ was the annual Overland Expo. Overland enthusiasts from around the world gather to gaze upon the latest and greatest in […]

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Overland by Rail

Australia LIV

Crossing the Australian Outback by car is not for the faint of heart. Soaring temperatures, few supply points, and unpaved roads conspire to keep all but the most rugged and ready vehicles and people out of Australia’s interior. Normally, people crossing from one side of Oz to the other will fly, take the train, or use one of the national highways that, generally, follow the coast. One adventurer and photographer has found another way. Hit the jump for video.

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User Input

User Input: Driving to Distraction

Fortunately, most of our trip will not feature scenery this… flat.

CardboardTube, CaffeineFuelled and I are heading on a road trip this morning; in fact, we’ll almost certainly be on our way by the time you read this. We of course spent time packing and preparing last night, but what is distinctive is […]

Genius Innovators, Idiotic or Inspired?

Kangaroos and Milk Trucks

Rick Dobbertin was your typical hot rod show car builder until he was punched by a kangaroo in Australia. After that, he became a raving lunatic…the kind I can’t help but to admire and hope to emulate.
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