Big Complicated Machines

More Than Meets The Eye

Considering the complexity of the transformation mechanisms of my childhood Transformers toys, the Transformer in the above cartoon may be done transforming before I get Bumblebee’s legs folded up.

[Image Credit xkcd…who else?]


Startup: Fabulous Upgrade

Celebrating a more progressive America, Hasbro unveils a new line of gay transformers, starting with “Optimus Party Time”.



Startup: Distant Origin

“For heaven’s sake Martha, come look at this! It says here this thing was built in Bedford Falls. Well I’ll be!”


Startup: Optimus Wine

In case you missed it on Craiglist last month, a used car salesman from Phoenix decided that the best way to get top dollar for some old car and motorcycle parts was to build the creepiest, ugliest wine rack known to man. It’s also very cool because of the whole killer robot that will eat your face thing. Holds 32 bottles of wine and can be yours for the low low price of seven thousand dollars. I say give it a couple of months and Ikea will have the same thing in birch for $99. More pics after the jump.

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Startup: Transcendence

Who says oil and water don’t mix? Transformers and Film Noir: you never thought you would see those things in the same sentence but they apparently work together as well as salted chocolate. This poster, and whole bunch more geek culture crossovers are the product of Canadian artist Marco D’Alfonso. You can also check […]

User Input

User Input: All Morals Aside

Hey Optimus, quit playing with yourself and get back to work.

Michael Bay has proven time and time again that he will cash in on anything to make a movie – and my childhood is far from sacred. As we barrel towards a third Transformers movie (despite the writing, acting, plot, […]