Airborne Awesomosity

Turbosupercharger: Master of the Skies

What you are about to see is a US Army Air Forces film, the contents of which are RESTRICTED. This means it may contain information of a critical national security nature, and we don’t want anything to hurt what our boys are doing over there in Europe. Wait, what’s that? No more Nazi’s you say? Well, carry on then, everyone should be able to enjoy this great General Electric training film covering all the essentials of the then new “Turbosupercharger” systems being installed on airplanes to allow for faster, higher altitude flying and better performance!

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Military-Grade Awesome

Battleship, 16 Inch Gun Training Film

Fresh on the heels of yesterday’s USS Iowa Post, comes this period training film on the loading and firing of the Iowa class’s massive 16 inch/50 cal Mk7 gun. Here you will see the inner workings of the turret, as well as projectile and powder-bag handling. This may come in handy someday if you suddenly find yourself on a re-commissioned WWII battleship.

Hey, it could happen. You gotta be prepared.

Below is a cutaway diagram of the major parts and general arrangement. It’s kind of like an angry flaming iceberg, where you only see a small part above the surface… if you can call 3 gigantic 16 inch diameter 66 foot long guns “small”. Continue reading Battleship, 16 Inch Gun Training Film