Shutdown: Alien Wasteland

Early versions of the Tauntauns were somewhat bouncier and slightly less smelly.

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User Input

User Input: Finite Longevity

Like this, only not real.

For Christmas one year, my parents finally fulfilled a wish I had stubbornly repeated for several years, and bought me the remote-control car I had longed for. Interestingly, I had never requested any specific car, which they told me was a bit surprising for me. I simply wanted […]


Startup: Engrish Chopper

Yeah man, don’t be fly. Just stay cool, hepcat.



Startup: Fabulous Upgrade

Celebrating a more progressive America, Hasbro unveils a new line of gay transformers, starting with “Optimus Party Time”.



Startup: Alien Wormhole Calculator Plan Backfires


For decades our planet was bombarded with alien technology. While appearing to be an abacus under the influence of LSD, this complex device was actually a form of abacus for calculating the event horizon and energy alignment threshold for opening transport wormholes throughout the galaxy. Wormholes are, of course, directional, so to […]


Startup: Fitting In

“In my day we didn’t have laptops and smarty phones. You read a newspaper and ignored your kids like a normal person!”

Well played, cranky old man. Well played indeed.


Startup: Wholesome, Yet Grossly Inappropriate

I cannot possibly imagine why this failed to catch on. One may note that Hasbro did not revive this particular product when they purchased Kenner in 1991.

Old School Gaming

Play a Mean Pin Ball

Pinball! Truly, it has to be a lost gaming art. My primary experience with pinball was the old XP 3-D Pinball, which I was about as good at as real pinball, which is to say not very. At least it did not cost any quarters, and was a means to wile away the slow moments at work. Since pinball is still celebrated in some parts, lets watch¹ a little salute to some sweet machines from not so long ago!

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What Ever Became of…Cabinet Arcade Games?

Good morning everyone, and happy Saturday. Today I would like to tell you all a story, a story of a place where children once went to spend many a Saturday of youth. That place was called the arcade, and it was filled to the brim with all sorts of fantastic video games encased in big cabinets. Now this story isn’t about the arcade, per say, I am not here to lament its loss exactly, but about the games themselves. In recent years I have been to some establishments that traditionally held an arcade–a pizza parlor perhaps, or bowling alley–and it seems that there do indeed still exist those places of gaming. No, the question is, what ever has become of those cabinet based arcade games?

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Boys’ Life: Mitchell (Wok-a-Chik-a)

In high school I had a friend who was the hobby guy.  I imagine that most people have known a hobby guy–someone who has managed to start and semi-capably maintain a ridiculous number of hobbies.  Well, this guy was into sailing, VW vans, snowboarding, and RC airplanes.  Likely there were others as well that I am missing, but those are the ones that I remember.  As one with an interest in flying, I had always found RC airplanes to be an intriguing way to fly without flying at a young age, but handing around him I quickly discovered that it was no cheaper than taking actual flying lessons, neither of which I could afford.  Not without dumping all my available funds into that hobby, instead of into the sweet El Camino I was rolling around in.

In this ad from a 1960 Boys’ Life magazine, we see the BIG u-control B-25 model from Aurora.  I don’t know if the model was designed to be remotely operated, or with a tether, but I do know that it was powered by twin .060 Tornado engines.  And it was so aerodynamically perfect that it could fly on one engine!

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