Startdown: Did Someone Ask About Tools?

The real answer to the Professor’s tool question…

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Shutdown: Beautiful Tools

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Dèárthàír’s post talked about how some tools are an absolute joy to use, so much so that you dream up jobs to do just so that you can use that wonderful tool again. Here I’d like to point out that tools can also be beautiful, to the point that they […]

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User Input: Tool Joy

As spring seems to be reluctantly dragging itself towards us — although it’s currently snowing again outside my window as I write this — I decided it was finally time to swap my winter wheels and tires for my summers. In the past, this would have involved loading them all into the car […]

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User Input: Everything Begins To Look Like A Nail

"24b: Reassembly is the reverse of disassembly."

There’s an old saying, “When the only tool you have is a hammer, everything begins to look like a nail.” This concept has given rise to the term, “Birmingham Screwdriver”, which is a slang-term for a hammer, referencing the fact that tools are often used in […]

Make it Sharp

Sharpening 101.1 – An Introduction


Good morning, everyone.

I’ve been spending a lot of time out in my shop, making small pieces of wood out of larger ones, and spending a significant amount of time doing one of my least favorite chores: sharpening tools. It’s a vital part of any task that involves using edged tools, whether you are doing woodworking or cooking, but it’s rarely any fun and it’s something that you want to be done with as soon as possible. So as I was mindlessly grinding away, my hands painfully cramped around the parting tool I was honing on a diamond stone, and my back screaming in pain, I thought, “Good lord but I’m having a magnificent time! I surely wish that I could share the glamour and excitement of this experience with those keyboard pounders on the AT site.”

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User Input: Bacon Salvation

Come all ye faithful …

If you’ve reached the age where you can understand a single thing that engineerd™ goes on about, then you’re probably an adult. A dorky adult, like us all. And that also means it’s likely that you’ve lived long enough to have a situation where the dung hit the […]