Startup: A Matter Of Time

So there you have if folks, it will be almost two centuries before anyone has a name as cool as “Jacob Von Hogflume”


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User Input: Time Travelling

Yesterday, it seems, we all leaped an hour into the future. Somehow, as if by magic, an entire hour disappeared for every resident of the civilized world, and nobody seemed phased by it at all. Sure, some people, including commenter craigsu who suggested this topic, seem to have a nasty case of jetlag […]


Startup: Plausible Explanation

Clearly there are only two possibilities here. Either Casey Affleck is an immortal like in Highlander, or he is a Time Lord and has access to a TARDIS or Vortex Manipulator. You decide, nerds.


Go-Fast Technology

Traveling in Timely Style

Today I flew from Detroit, MI to San Francisco, CA. This is a journey that takes between 4.5 and 5 hours, depending on the jet stream, in a Boeing 737. As I strapped myself into the metal tube that would soon be zooming through the air at nearly the speed of sound, I […]


Startup: Unstoppable Force Meets Immovable Object

Looks like immovable object won

Mr. Kierstein sent us this lovely image of a t-shirt available from Geeks love a good inside joke, unless they’re not part of it. If you’re not familiar with the machinations of both The Doctor and Doc Brown, please close your browser, turn in your membership RFID, […]

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User Input: Future Magic

It's magic! Magic, I say!

If one of us were to go back 200 years in time with our assortments of technology that we use on a day-to-day basis, it’s a reasonably safe assumption that almost anything we carry on our person — or in our man-purse — would likely seem like magic […]

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User Input: Screaming Metal Tube Asylums

I still hear comments, now and then, about how people no longer treat air travel as “an event”. We used to dress up in our Sunday finery, Pop in his fedora with a pipe, Mother in her polka-dot dress and Mary Hart smile. We might still treat it like that, if air travel was still giving us the Norman Rockwell experience instead of being a voluntary experiment in testing the breaking point of our sanity.

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User Input: Hoh Boy

You’ve been cursed by the ghost of Scott Bakula (Wait, he’s not dead? Hold on a sec…)

OK, so you’ve been cursed by the ghost of Scott Bakula, which means you’ve been granted the ability to travel through time, except you’re limited to periods in time that occur during your own life. So yeah, […]