A Day of Nostalgia

Today is the opening day of baseball season. I love baseball. I love it because it has stayed pretty true to itself over the years. It brings a sense of nostalgia with it. Much like the 4×5 Kodachrome images archived at the website Shorpy. Take this one, for instance. It shows some guys […]


The Man In The Scoreboard

Fenway Park Tour, Opening Day (-Eve) 2009: Scoreboard, current score: "OPENING DAY 2009"

Today is Opening Day here in Detroit. Even though the baseball season has been underway for a week, this is the first chance Detroiters have to see their team in action. People will be filling the seats at Comerica Park and, hopefully, will be witness to some good baseball. Unfortunately, the progress of technology has taken away a part of the game that I have enjoyed since I was a boy — watching the scoreboard operator change the numbers.
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