Idiotic or Inspired?

A Better Pizza Cutter

Our friends at ThinkGeek have a better pizza cutter. For those who find cutting a straight line challenging, they have put a Picatinny tactical rail system on a pizza cutter and equipped it with a laser/flash light. Yes. You can cut your pizza in the dark with precision.

This is cool and […]

Free Range Technology

Frickin’ Lasers!


Have you ever needed to cut some metal, but all your hacksaw blades are dull, your Sawzall battery is charging, and Home Depot is closed? If you’re TWI Ltd., you just adapt a 5kW automated laser so it can be hand carried! OK, maybe they did it for decommissioning of nuclear facilities, and it’s not exactly “portable”. Still, it’s damn cool. If you don’t believe me, hit the jump and watch the video.

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Startup: Them Be LAZORSES!

laser-cleaningForget scrubbing and harsh chemicals, what you need for that real clean on your random chunks of cast metal is to blast the dirt into harsh fumes with the TOTALLY AWESOME 500 WATT LASER! Video after the jump.

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User Input

User Input: Pointless Experimentation

The incomparable Andy Didorosi of Detroit Bus Company and PaperStreet fame, has, for some reason, bought himself a giant killer laser. Now, we haven’t seen it yet, but our best guess is it is something like the Death Star, only slightly more controllable.

Some months ago, he mentioned that he was looking for […]

User Input

User Input: Everything Is Relative

OMG SMARTFONE!!1!!oneone

One of my coworkers just got a new smartphone. And in truth, the “smart” part of that phrase should be in finger-quotes. It was free, and it’s an older-model Android phone, so it does all the basic things that we’ve all come to expect a smartphone should do — email, text, […]


The Greatest Photo of the Week…Or the Year

Photos of aurorae are cool. Photos of rockets are cool. Photos of lasers are cool. This photo has all three! All that you need are some zombies and bacon and this would be legendary.
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Computers You Should Know

Xerox 9700

Up until the late 1970s, most computers were large mainframe systems that did little more than crunch numbers. They could print out reams of green-bar reports showing sales, accounting info, scientific calculation results and even test data from wind tunnels. None of that really required changes in font or even print size. Xerox, however, saw to it that we came to expect these capabilities — and lasers — in our printers.
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Genius Innovators

Killing Mosquitoes With Lasers

Due to a wet spring and summer, we at the Atomic Toasters Detroit Field Office have been suffering with a larger-than-normal infestation of mosquitoes. Since the governments of the world have decided that we must coat our skin in DEET, rather than spray DDT, we have been suffering in silence. Well, no more will we suffer! We must stand up and claim our right to protect ourselves from the blood sucking insects! And to do it, we must use lasers!

Hit the jump for a video explaining my raging insanity.
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Startup: A Spark of Brilliance

The internal-combustion engine has come a long way in the last 130-odd years. If you look at an engine from the early part of the 20th century, it’s very nearly unrecognizable by comparison with the engines we are familiar with today. The block has changed, with the cylinders now internal and integral to the […]

User Input

User Input: Gripping Rodents

The first computer mouse, held by inventor Douglas Engelbart, showing the wheels that make contact with the working surface. (Source: Wikipedia & Cern Courier)

Although not popularized for home PC’s until the later part of the 80’s, the first mouse was created in 1968. Originally with two wheels on the underside used to […]