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Aristarchus Crater Panorama

Aristarchus Crater West Wall

Good morning, everyone.

Today I’m going to share some excellent astronomical porn with you all, so please try to contain your excitement.

On November 10, 2011, The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) made a low-altitude pass 42 miles to the east of Aristarchus crater, one of the brightest features on the Moon, and took an amazing panoramic image of the western wall of the crater. The LRO was flying at just over 16 miles above the lunar surface at the time, so the image has incredible detail.

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Great Scams in History

The Great Moon Hoax

On August 25, 1835 the first of a fantastic series of articles was published. Supposedly written by a Dr. Andrew Grant and published in the Edinburgh Journal of Science, this series of articles claimed Sir John Herschel had discovered a vast array of life on the moon; including unicorns, biped beavers, and furry winged humanoid bats. He did all this from an observatory he had built in Cape Town, South Africa.
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User Input

User Input: That’s Amore

People have long romanticized about the moon, so it seemed an appropriate topic for the celebration of the death of St. Valentine. Such a romantic thing it is too, brining us moonlit walks on the beach, and excuses for ignorant hicks to run esteemed scientists out of town. (FYI, we love you, Bill Nye.) […]