Landing Craft

Apollo 11’s Lunar Module “Eagle” as it prepares to land on the moon.

Paper-thin walls that would crumple if the craft were flown in Earth’s atmosphere. Standing room only. Two tiny windows that bulge outward from the air pressure inside. Two humans, flying across a heavenly body not their own. A flying machine […]


Falling Down on the Job

With 6 manned missions landing on the Moon, and nearly 300 hours spent on the surface, NASA was able to bring back countless images and videos of exploration and discovery. But with so much time spent up there, it was bound to happen that not every moment was quite so photogenic. Thanks to a gentleman named Joel Ivy, and the wonder of YouTube, we can enjoy a cheerful little compilation video. So without further ado–Astronauts Falling Down on the Moon.

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Moments in History

Diana: Goddess of the Moon

The Roman goddess Diana, as you may remember, was the goddess of the moon, among other things. It would make sense, then, that the US Army Signal Corps would name their little experiment Project Diana. This little experiment took place in January 1946, and opened the door to serious thought of space travel.
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