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Having spent the last day, essentially, in the hospital with my wife I’ve decided that for all the advances in medicine over the last 200 years it still seems like doctors spend most of their time making educated guesses. Oh sure, doctors no longer believe its vapors of decaying plants that cause all […]

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Blowing Smoke Up Your Ass


Good morning everyone.

Yesterday morning I was reading the various tech blogs looking for ideas to steal interesting articles, I came across an unusual headline on Boing-Boing: “Tobacco Enemas For Everyone!“. I was alarmed for a moment because I didn’t want an enema regardless of what everyone else was doing, especially a tobacco enema. It doesn’t take much nicotine to kill you, around 30mg, the amount typically found in two or three tobacco leaves. It would be a decidedly odd method of death, and one sure to generate lurid headlines.

I wondered briefly if this was an offshoot of the “new teen craze” of imbibing alcohol rectally called ‘butt-chugging’, although from what I’ve read this “new teen craze” has been practiced by “middle-aged weirdos” for some time in order to get drunk extremely rapidly. The MSM news was making an inordinate amount of noise (as usual) about possible fatalities from alcohol poisoning in college kids from butt-chugging, but the only fatality from the practice that I’ve read about occurred in a man in his 40s or 50s (in Alabama I think, but I can’t remember and I won’t look it up) when his wife gave him a wine enema during one of their ‘play’ sessions and he died from alcohol poisoning. There was no mention of the number of wetsuits involved.

The photograph of the apparatus used for the procedure was equally alarming:

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