The Audacity of Space

As Atlantis orbits the earth for the last time, I though it would be fitting to look at the development of this modern marvel, and how it came to look like the iconic space plane it is.
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The Stereo and the Snowman: A Marantz Story

Marantz 2220B stereo receiver

It’s the mid-’70s. My dad is living in San Francisco, still has hair (which is huge), and taps into some wellspring of cool to purchase a Marantz 2220B to route his LPs of Cream and Santana through. A few short years later, he moved to Seattle, lost his hair, I was born, and my mother instituted the great “Now That You’re Married to Me, All Your Old Crap is Outta Here” purge of 1981. Cream’s albums curdled and the Who became “the who?” Somehow, the Marantz survived, living out a twilight existence piping soft jazz throughout my dad’s office.

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