Go-Fast Technology

You Have to Land Sometime


No doubt you have wondered to yourself while watching Star Wars, “Sure, the Millennium Falcon is fast in space, because spacecraft shape doesn’t matter in a vacuum, but what would the reentry be like?” After all, one you finish the Kessel Run you’ve still got to deliver Logan or whatever else it was you were running, and that means landing on a planet or moon. (Unless it is no moon.) Now, certainly this could be simply explained away with shields and other such-not, but that’s just not all that interesting, now is it? So how about a wind tunnel model, with speeds up to Mach 3!

“Supersonic wind tunnel testing and schlieren flow visualization of a Millennium Falcon model at Mach 3. The high-speed images show startup, steady state, and shutdown of the blowdown wind tunnel facility at Penn State University. The oblique shock waves over the model are observed. The boundary layers on the bottom of the wind tunnel are also imaged”.

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Genius Innovators

Extreme Cooling

Case modding has a long and often weird past. Our desire to individualize our cases stems from our human desire to conform in many ways, but stand out in others. However, every now and then, a case mod comes along that actually has a purpose. And looks cool, too.

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Airborne Awesomosity, Technostalgia

Testing History

Do you remember the movie “The Final Countdown” where a nuclear aircraft carrier gets caught in a storm and winds up near Pearl Harbor just hours before Japan bombs it in a day that will live in infamy? No? Go watch it then come back. Continue reading Testing History