Happy Thanksgiving!

Today across the USA and other random parts of the world, people are gathering with family and friends to eat, watch football, drink copious amounts of wine and other adult beverages, and…oh yeah…give thanks. We here at Atomic Toasters want to thank you, our readers and commenters, for another great year. We […]

Holiday Shenanigans

Anatomy of a Turducken

Happy Thanksgiving!

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User Input: Ingestion Technology

This is brilliant. I think I’m going to try a rotisserie turkey for Christmas.

As you may have noticed from Techie’s bizarre man-eating turkey yesterday, this was the Thanksgiving long weekend up here in Canada. That means I am only now emerging from the food coma that a few hundred pounds of turkey […]

Vintage Celluloid

Vintage Celluloid Thanksgiving Special

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Atomic Toasters!

The holidays generally have long periods of boredom, when everyone but you is doing something, there’s nothing on TV, and you’re at someone else’s house and you don’t have Your Stuff to fool around with. Well, we are here to help. Today’s Vintage Celluloid Thanksgiving Special is a collection of Thanksgiving themed (more or less) cartoons to help you kill some time until it’s time to eat again.

So let’s get to it.

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User Input

User Input: Thanksgiving Day Turkeys

Today is apparently Thanksgiving Day in the ‘States. Always a month late on everything, they also seem to feel the need to put Thanksgiving in the middle of the week. It’s a very odd country.

That said, however, we can surely agree on some things with regards to the Thanksgiving holiday: it is a […]

Deconstructing Technology, Holiday Shenanigans

Turkey Timers: Simplicity Defined

This is a pop-up turkey timer. Basically, there a soft metal or wax plug in the bottom. When it gets to a point where it melts, the red stick indicator is released and pushed out by the spring. Make sure the metal or wax melts at an appropriate temperature (165 F if I […]

User Input

User Input: Tryptophan Coma

I called dibs on the drumstick!

Yesterday was Thanksgiving up here in the Frozen North, as we’ve mentioned already, which meant that much of our population spent the evening curled up on the floor by the fireplace having a floor-nap after a rather enormous turkey dinner.

Now of course we’re all aware that […]