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User Input: Finite Longevity

Like this, only not real.

For Christmas one year, my parents finally fulfilled a wish I had stubbornly repeated for several years, and bought me the remote-control car I had longed for. Interestingly, I had never requested any specific car, which they told me was a bit surprising for me. I simply wanted […]


Startup: Chunky is the New Sexy

Nothing says “I’m cool” like a skin that makes your smartphone as easy to store and carry as a highway patrolman radio from the 80’s.


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User Input: Definitions of Success

Actually, she's calling down to the engine room to ask for more power.

When I was a young lad, still trying to figure out how the world worked, I gradually started to latch on to certain objects, items or gadgets as an identifier of a successful person. Obviously vehicles were one glaring example, […]


A Day of Nostalgia

Today is the opening day of baseball season. I love baseball. I love it because it has stayed pretty true to itself over the years. It brings a sense of nostalgia with it. Much like the 4×5 Kodachrome images archived at the website Shorpy. Take this one, for instance. It shows some guys […]


Want to Explore a Historic Steam Powerplant?

On a uncharacteristically beautiful, warm, and non-rainy day in Seattle, I grabbed my cameras and headed south to the industrial district to scout locations for zombie horror films take some photos of old buildings. Wandering around Boeing Field, I noticed a sign for the Georgetown Power Plant Museum … and lo and behold, it turned out to be the once-monthly day where the historic steam plant is open to the public. Score!

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User Input: I’d Keep A Tumble Weed If It Had a Light On It

My first couple of computers got me through high school and college, so mobility was important. After that, when I was ready for a high powered beast, I bought my first desktop (there was still quite a gap between desktop and laptop and the “luggable” was still a couple of years away).

I still […]

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Cool Nights and Hot (Lifting) Bodies

Every pixel in this image is cooler than you.

You know, because the edge of space is cold, and the friction of reentering the atmosphere causes a lot of heat. Get your minds out of the gutter, folks, and harken to the tale of the HL-10, a fantastic design from the best toyshop in all of America: the Northrop Corporation.

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