Om Nom Nom

Several hours after being eaten, the moon appeared to emerge from the Arecibo radio telescope, quickly quelling a new-born myth; but, gave rise to more questions than it answered.



Startup: Morgan Freeman Was Wrong

Apparently, penguins do fly. Samuel L Jackson has already had it with them.



Startup: Celebrate The Guyed Tower


This picture is intentionally obnoxious. Enjoy scrolling.

Hugs & Kisses, 


Yay! You made it! Wasn’t that worth it? Happy dog is happy for you.




Startup: Vertical Integration


If you drank their Kool-Aid, you’ll love their breakfast cereal.


Startup: Put Title Here

I was told to do a startup. Whatever.



Startup: Robot King Discovered In Forest, Uprising Ensues

This may look like a retro photograph from an old sci-fi flick, but it’s totally legit. This is what happens when you let Instagram do the trendsetting for photographic style. Anyway, this is  the only known photo of the Robot King [name redacted]. He was discovered rusting in the Appalachians by some lonely ginger […]


Startup: Gates Saved By iPad

In an absurd twist of irony, an attempt on the life of William Henry Gates III was foiled by his iPad. An apparent revenge killing for the failure of the Surface tablet, the iPad’s notoriously easy-to-break Gorilla Glass stopped a bullet just inches from his heart.

“I’ve called this thing a real life saver […]


Startup: Alien Wormhole Calculator Plan Backfires


For decades our planet was bombarded with alien technology. While appearing to be an abacus under the influence of LSD, this complex device was actually a form of abacus for calculating the event horizon and energy alignment threshold for opening transport wormholes throughout the galaxy. Wormholes are, of course, directional, so to […]


Startup: Cooking Up New Ideas

Most of our favourite toys actually use none of these parts, at least not at that size.


Startup: A History of Transgressions

Several years ago, a number of previously unseen photographs from the German side of WWII surfaced and made their rounds about the Internet. I was surprised and dismayed that there was not more outrage at the heinous crimes depicted, such as the one shown here. Clearly anyone can see, that Nazi photographers also […]