Apollo 15 Rotational Hand Controller Up For Auction


On July 26, 1971 a Saturn V rocket blasted away from LC-39A at Kennedy Space Center en route to Hadley Rille on the moon. Commanded by Dave Scott, Apollo 15 was touted by NASA as the most successful lunar landing to date. It was the first of the “J Missions”, which included a longer stay on the moon’s surface than the earlier missions and a greater focus on science.

Now you can own a piece of that spacecraft.

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Startup: New Smiley Predates The Smiley!

Most computer nerds know the story of how the smiley was invented on the CMU digital bulletin board in 1982. If you don’t, you can find it here. tl;dr – People started to confuse which posts were serious, and which were sarcastic, so someone suggested a :-) in the subject line for clarity.

But […]

Idiotic or Inspired?

The Most Evil Invention Ever

That’s it, right up there. The alarm clock. Hideous, evil device. According to legend, Plato had a large water clock rigged up with an alarm function similar to a water organ that would signal the beginning of his dawn lectures. In case you’re not so good with the history, that means the alarm […]


Startup: The Evolution of Man

I for one am looking forward to the final outcome. Sure, we’ll all be human beachballs, but that would make me the thin one. Plus, living on the Buy’N’Large Axiom Starliner actually looks like it would be pretty cool.

Moments in History

Let Your Flag Fly

Today is Flag Day in the US. It’s a day where we commemorate the adoption of the Stars and Stripes as our symbol of national unity. However, flags as a national identifier are a relatively new phenomenon. Flags were originally meant to communicate on the battle field.
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