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In Lieu Of User Input: The Shirts Are Here!

Shirt 1

It’s been a long and frustrating battle, involving multiple different companies, and some very misleading promises, but looking back on it all, it’s been a valuable learning experience. Kind of.

Okay, not really, but at the least it does appear that we now know what we’re doing well enough that we can make this happen much easier in the future. Our T-shirts have finally arrived. There are a number of you who have already placed pre-orders, and I’ll be picking up shipping envelopes tomorrow after work. With luck, I’ll even be able to ship your shirts tomorrow, and then it’s just however long it takes for your present to arrive on your doorstep. Because remember, you’re not buying a shirt, you’re donating to the AtomicToasters Community-Building Happy Fund, and I’m sending you a free shirt as a thank-you gift.

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Merch Update: Slow Progress Is Still Progress

These shirts are being ordered this weekend. If my previous experiences are any indication, that means I should receive a parcel in a few weeks containing more T-shirts than I could ever imagine.

What’s been the big delay? Price. Entirely price. I had an extremely hard time keeping the price down below $40/shirt […]

User Input

User Input: Corporate Assimilation

Back in 1984, Apple released a SuperBowl ad entitled “1984”. And now, years later,  nobody remembers what a SuperBowl was, but everyone still remembers that ad. It was a brilliant thumb in the face of Corporate Murica, which, up to that point, was defined by a lock-step compliance with each company’s mantra. IBM […]

User Input

User Input: Factually Incorrect

Pasty-white skin not included.

Last night, we found ourselves accidentally watching What Not To Wear. It wasn’t so much because we wanted to, but it was on whatever channel popped up after our recorded program was over, and the remote was all the way over there. They were forcing their generic mass-marketed chain-store […]

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AtomicToasters Merchandise: Lurching Forward Into Oblivion

AtomicToasters Stickers are FINALLY available! […]

AtomicToasters Merchandise

Atomic Merchandise: UPDATE!

Toaster Swarm!

An enormous “THANK YOU” to everyone who has jumped on board and placed their pre-orders for our awesome new T-shirts. Based on the response, we’ve decided we’re going to hold off our order until we reach the point where we can order 50 shirts, which cuts our costs roughly in half. […]

AtomicToasters Merchandise

Look Up… Look Way Up!

You know you want it.

We’re one twelve many steps closer to our dream of AtomicToasters Merchandise becoming a reality. The response to our T-shirt designs has been far better than even we anticipated, and we’re grateful for that. We love the design too, so we’re hoping to be able to see them […]

Covet Thy Neighbours' Swag

Get ‘Em While They’re Hot

Come 'n' get 'em!

Our good friend Kylie, who designed the AtomicToasters logo above, has been busy. She’s come up with a bit of swag that we think you might be interested in. Hit the jump to have a look.

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