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Ancient Chinese Instrument Plays Mario Bros. Theme

ThreeQuarter_ShengWhen you actually start looking back through some of the more obscure bits of history, it really is astonishing how many things that we think of as fairly modern, have actually been around for thousands of years. The ancient Chinese, for instance, had a pretty good grasp on the workings of the cosmos, were able to do some remarkable things with gunpowder, and played Super Mario Brothers.

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Startup: Pre-Nostalgia

You know we’re only a few years away from there being grandparents who are knitting on the front porch while reminiscing about the 8-bit videogames they used to play in their youth.

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Startup: Real Life is Less Fun

While Nintendo sold children on a charming tale of a humble plumber taking an exciting fantasy adventure, the real story was more likely that after taking some “magic mushrooms” he tripped out and hallucinated the whole thing. Fortunately for the children, 8 bit graphics just couldn’t portray to truly horrifying things (imagined or not) […]


Startup: Bowser’s Castle Located

After 20 years of home brew ROM hacking, we can now clearly see that Bowser has been hiding in the Indian Ocean all this time. No word on whether anyone has found that bridge from Greenland to Norway yet.