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Toasters Reads: KILLDOZER!

In a slight departure from the book-like focus that the brief run of Toasters Reads has had, today’s entry is more of a longish short story, a novella if you will. The story is KILLDOZER!, a definite classic from the pen of Theodore Sturgeon. Written in 1944 (revised in 1959) and originally published in the November issue of Astounding magazine, this tale is an excellent science fiction yarn.

The plot is not hard to discern, given the imagery of the one word title. In a world that existed before our world, in a time  long before our time, beings of energy that could control mechanical machines evolved. Somehow one of these beings has survived, and…well, while you can quietly guess where this is going, the story is well written and will pull you in. I am certainly no expert on early science fiction, but KILLDOZER!, is one of the oldest ‘Ghost in the Machine’ sci fi tales that I have read. Many later works, both within and outside of the sci fi realm seem to owe inspiration at the least to this story.

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