Grand Finale – All 135 Space Shuttle launch videos at once.

Grand Finale – 135 Shuttle Launches WOOT

To the Shuttle enthusiast this one is a must not miss. There really isn’t much to say, just sit back, watch, and remember.

Beware of goosebumps, nostalgia, and dust in your eyes. Continue reading Grand Finale – All 135 Space Shuttle launch videos at once.


Spaceman’s view of Atlantis landing

STS-135 Atlantis Plasma Trail from the ISS

Thursday morning the International Space Station (ISS) flew directly over the Kennedy Space Center almost exactly 9 minutes before the final landing of Space Shuttle Atlantis, STS-135. This gave the astronauts on-board the BEST seat in the world universe for the historic landing.

As the orbiter decended into the atmosphere, American astronaut Mike Fossum radioed that he was in the ISS cupola, and could totally make out the plasma trail from above.

And of course, he took pictures! Continue reading Spaceman’s view of Atlantis landing


Real Chariots of Fire

1st & last Mission Patches, flanking the Shuttle's own Patch

I wrote this nearly a year ago, as a comment to an article on our sister site Hooniverse. I re-post it here, writing as I watch the last de-orbit burn and landing of the final mission.

I spent the past several years trying to find the video I mentioned, but was unable to locate it. Thus, I decided to make my own. I hope that it touches you as much it did me. Continue reading Real Chariots of Fire


Atlantis: The Final Space Shuttle launch

This morning, 8 July 2011 at a few minutes after 11:35am Atlantis, the final operating Orbital Space Vehicle affectionately known as the Space Shuttle, thundered into space and into the history books.

On this Historic and bittersweet moment, please join us in thanking the entire Space Shuttle program and NASA Family including our very own Engineerd for generations of dreams and inspiration. Continue reading Atlantis: The Final Space Shuttle launch