Shutdown: Another 4-8-4

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Since I don’t have any better ideas, here’s a follow-on to engineered☞♫™☜’s post on the Northern 4-8-4 locomotive. The photo above is of Norfolk and Western Railway’s J class steam locomotive #611, also a 4-8-4 configuration. The N&W J class were built by their East End Shops in Roanoke, Virginia […]

Prototypes and Experiments

Here Comes Tomorrow—Fast!

In the golden age of American growth after WWII, the automobile and airline industries were taking off, but railroad, especially passenger rail, was in a serious slide. Railroad needed a stylish, fast new train of the future to rescue the industry, and General Motors, through their  Electro-Motive Division, with the help of designer Chuck Jordan, had the answer.

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