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Steampunk Musical Scooter of Awesome

steampunk scooter

Ah steampunk. That sidetable of art whose time seems to linger on. Retreading our bland modern conveniences in the gorgeous clothing of the brass age, steampunk seeks to re-imagine our world through the eyes of people who actually have style. Take, for example, the scooter above. Created by Arthur van Poppel in the Netherlands, the scooter is equipped with an electric guitar, amp, speakers, and a horn section. Van Poppel can play the music himself, or let the scooter make its own. He’s found a way to marry transportation, music, and retro-cool in a totally awesome way. Hit the jump for a video of van Poppel gettin’ down with his bad self.

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The Style of Technology

Steampunk Diving with the US Navy

This is a US Navy diving suit from the early 1900s. The diver was supplied with this canvas suit, brass “hard hat”, weighted belts and boots, and a knife. That’s it. Air came via a hand-operated bellows pump on the deck of the boat and a hose connected to the helmet. Divers with […]


Startup: Lamina Nixie Clock

I was absolutely mesmerized by this image and can only imagine that actually seeing it in person would capture me in a somewhat hypnotic state for hours. Nixie tubes automatically add a steampunk-eque feel to anything, and I can’t think of a better way to show them off. The creator is selling these home-brew […]


Shutdown: 3-D Steampunk

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I’m running late today, so all you get is a cool steampunk picture. I love these glasses and I wish that I had a set. I especially like the easy access valve mounted at the top. I’m sure that it improves the 3-D viewing […]

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Startup: Steampunk USB

Marseau on DeviantART

No word on whether the dial is purely decorative or if it actually indicates how much capacity is used on the drive.


Startup: Philco PC

SchultzeWORKS placed highly in a design competition for this steampunk-antique-minimalist computer case they call the “Philco PC” so named because it resembles the Philco Predicta, an iconic 1950’s era television set famous for its detached CRT. While SchultzeWORKS remains a going concern, Philco went bankrupt in 1960 due to poor sales of the […]




Startup: Steampunk Switch Plate


Ever wish your light switches could do more? Well, this isn’t the answer, but it certainly looks properly complicated. The maker used a pile of old cogs, some brass light switch plates from the hardware store, some solder, and a blowtorch. Check out the gallery after the jump for a behind the scenes look at how it was done.

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