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Steamed Saturday


The image you see above is from LES 24 HEURES DE CHOO CHOO, by Stan Mott, originally printed in Road and Track magazine. The entire cartoon, along with the story of how it came to be from the man himself, can be found over at Dean’s Garage. These illustrations also inspired some fellows over at Digital Light Studios, including creator Andrew Ledenev, to make a video animation of a steam race, with much the same feeling and vibe of Stan Mott’s art. Hit the jump and check it out!

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Shutdown: Gettin’ Steamy

It’s no surrey, but I think the fringe on top still adds a little special something.

Image via carabaas.livejournal.com.

User Input

User Input: Missed But Not Gone

I was stuck behind a train today; here in Edmonton, that means that you sit at an intersection while the entire length of the train inches past, stops just before you’d be cleared to proceed, then reverses direction, goes the whole way back, stops, and goes forwards again. Sometimes this process is […]