Startup: Locomotive Drag Racing

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Drag racing has deeper roots than we thought. In the photo above, we see two drivers getting ready to experience “rubbing is racing”.


Shutdown: Union Pacific 3985

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Here is another nice hi-res photo of a steam locomotive, the Union Pacific’s #3985 Challenger engine. I like this photo because it helps to show just how big this engine is, and it is big. It’s the largest and heaviest operational steam locomotive in the world and weighs 487.1 tons […]

Vintage Celluloid

Vintage Celluloid: Dang, It’s Cold


Who needs to visit the garderobe? Anyone?
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Winter is fully upon us now, and it’s been getting damned cold. Looking at pictures like the one above doesn’t help either. It reminds me of my youth and the iced-over windows in my bedroom (on the inside), the frozen layer of water in the toilets, and the cold, cold, cold toilet seats in the middle of the night that shock you so bad that you shriek loud enough to set the dogs to barking and give you butt-cramps. Brrrr….

Bugger that for a lark, let’s watch some cartoons where it’s nice and warm.

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Shutdown: Another 4-8-4

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Since I don’t have any better ideas, here’s a follow-on to engineered☞♫™☜’s post on the Northern 4-8-4 locomotive. The photo above is of Norfolk and Western Railway’s J class steam locomotive #611, also a 4-8-4 configuration. The N&W J class were built by their East End Shops in Roanoke, Virginia […]

Pushing Boundaries

Northern 4-8-4

That ominous presence is the Canadian National Railway’s 6213 steam locomotive. In use with the railway from 1942 to 1959, it covered over a million miles pulling passengers and freight across the continent. It represents the pinnacle of steam locomotive design — the Northern type locomotive.

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Big Complicated Machines

CPR Angus Shops Builds a Steam Locomotive

Sources indicate one lone worker made it into this pristine promo photograph. Can you spot him?

The Angus Shops of Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR), opened in Montreal in 1904. This was a railcar manufacturing, repairing and selling facility of the Canadian Pacific Railway, with most of its production consisting of passenger cars, freight cars and locomotives. I recently came across a 1928 promotional/newsreel type video for the locomotive building portion of the operation, and it is quite impressive. Hit the jump to see the video, and a little fun background on the Shops.

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User Input

User Input: Missed But Not Gone

I was stuck behind a train today; here in Edmonton, that means that you sit at an intersection while the entire length of the train inches past, stops just before you’d be cleared to proceed, then reverses direction, goes the whole way back, stops, and goes forwards again. Sometimes this process is […]