Pushing Boundaries

There’s No Replacement For Steam Displacement

Yesterday, we all stood in awe at the big engine. However, it’s too…modern. So, I am making up for it today with this big engine. Oh, and it belonged to the RMS Titanic.
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Genius Innovators

Spinning Balls of Iron

The centrifugal governor has an interesting story. Often times, James Watt is credited with inventing the centrifugal governor in 1788. However, long before that time centrifugal governors were used to control the pressure and distance of mill stones. What Watt did was adapt this idea to controlling the speed of a steam engine.
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User Input

User Input: A Long Way From The Carrot and The Stick

We’re all very proud of our shiny machines and engines that whip us around our neighborhoods, our communities, our countries, and our world. Compared to our history, though, we’ve been using those machines for a very short period of time – only a few hundred years – compared to using beasts of burden who […]


Startup: Microscopic Steam

Up next, microscopic railroads.

Yes, this is a steam engine. It is built using the same technology used to create microprocessors, and logic circuits and other things I only pretend to fully understand. Basically, that means it’s quite literally created on an atomic scale, one itsy-bitsy molecule at a time.

The entire engine […]


Startup: Building Pressure

The next candidate for a Blastolene engine?

This is the largest working steam engine in the world. It is 62 feet tall, has three cylinders and develops 1,008 horsepower. It was used by the London Metropolitan Water Board from 1920 until 1980. Just think: will all that massive size and over-engineering, it still […]