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You Have to Land Sometime


No doubt you have wondered to yourself while watching Star Wars, “Sure, the Millennium Falcon is fast in space, because spacecraft shape doesn’t matter in a vacuum, but what would the reentry be like?” After all, one you finish the Kessel Run you’ve still got to deliver Logan or whatever else it was you were running, and that means landing on a planet or moon. (Unless it is no moon.) Now, certainly this could be simply explained away with shields and other such-not, but that’s just not all that interesting, now is it? So how about a wind tunnel model, with speeds up to Mach 3!

“Supersonic wind tunnel testing and schlieren flow visualization of a Millennium Falcon model at Mach 3. The high-speed images show startup, steady state, and shutdown of the blowdown wind tunnel facility at Penn State University. The oblique shock waves over the model are observed. The boundary layers on the bottom of the wind tunnel are also imaged”.

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Startdown: Good News!

The illustrious comicbook.com reported some very exciting news this weekend. According to “two independent reliable sources”–“Disney has plans to release the original cut of the Star Wars trilogy on Blu-ray….The goal is to release A New Hope, Empire Strikes Back, and Return of Jedi in their complete, unaltered, original form without the redone […]




Did you ever look at those guys at your school with a giant binder full of collector cards for baseball, basketball, football, rugby, water polo, etc, and wonder, “Why are these guys so lame?” And, maybe just a little, want something much more interesting to collect and trade? Back in the decade of decadence that was the 1980s, a company know simply as Waddingtons had you covered with the Top Trumps presents Spacecraft! Real life space travelling machines, fictional flights of fancy, even UFOs, as sorts are represented. The full 34 card set is presented after the jump, so check it out and find your favorite!

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Startdown: Other AT-ATs


See the rest after the jump!

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Startdown: Late Start


Nothing says late night like neon signs!

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Shutdown: Oh Happy Day

Hello, what have we here?

Image made by pjmcquade, via laughingsquid.

Ars gratia artis

No More Adventures


In the spirit of this slacker, infrequent posting weekend, here is a little something I came across a while back on motherboard.com. In the movie Star Wars, techincally episode IV if you keep up with that sort of thing, much of the first half of the film basically stars C3-PO. “With his incessant doom-saying and neurotic anxiety, he is basically just an awful existentialist poet. See for yourself: here’s a “poem” composed entirely out of lines originally delivered in a high and agitated pitch by Anthony Daniels. It’s in chronological order and spans roughly the first quarter of the film… Just imagine that the entire thing is being delivered by a pale kid with greasy swooping bangs or, if you prefer, in the process of being frantically scribbled into a spiral notebook post-first-breakup.” (motherboard.com) Hit the jump and see what you think!

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Tournament of Monsters, User Input

Tournament of Monsters: Audrey II vs. the Sarlacc

For yesterday’s duel, it seems, I wrote my article far too late the night before, and neglected a few trivial details; details like, say, where these monsters came from. For those who didn’t catch up later, the Reavers are from Firefly and Serenity, and the Tyrants are from the Resident Evil series of movies and video games. That […]


Startup: Free Coffee, If You Have The Time

Arrive in a Prius and your coffee gets an extra flavor shot that smells reminiscent of urine. On the other hand, eventually the barista would get sick of hearing everyone’s awful attempts at iambic pentameter.



Startup: Fatal Mistake

One ill-placed red sock the night before Palpatine and Vader were doing inspection at morning parade and it was all over. Onlookers would later report that trooper #403-1215897 managed to stay conscious while levitating for a full 15 seconds before his windpipe was crushed.