Tournament of Monsters, User Input

Tournament of Monsters: Daleks vs. Borg

Some time ago, we suggested a tournament of monsters, to see who would be the greatest villains in all of television and movie history. And then, like so many things, we promptly forgot about it. Because shiny things. So for this week, we’re going to try it out.

Here’s how it works; each […]


The New Question

Too much is made of Star Wars vs. Star Trek. That question, however, has been around for decades. Almost as long as The Professor has been professering. I think it’s time for a new question. One that moves us into the 21st century of sci-fi/fantasy. “Star Wars or Harry Potter? Wand or light […]


Speed of Discourse

Have you ever found yourself watching the science fiction space travel staple of your choice, and wondering just how fast the vehicle in that series universe would stack up against, say, your second favorite sci-fi space travel universe?  Wonder no more my friends, because the folks at have got you covered.  They […]

User Input

User Input: Expensive Eccentricities

This is a home entertainment centre, featuring the actual Captain’s Chair used in seasons 1-3 of Star Trek: Enterprise.

My significant other was watching some show this weekend regarding ultra-high-end home renovations, most of which featured a room which had cost over a million dollars. One of these quite tickled my fancy, because […]

User Input

User Input: One Thing To Rule Them All

For those of you who haven’t noticed, nerds everywhere are getting positively tingly in their naughty bits over the upcoming launch of the next generation of gaming consoles, most of which are being announced in the next little while. Apparently Microsoft has already announced the XBox One, and Sony will soon be unveiling […]

Obscure Reference Hall of Fame

Death Star vs. Enterprise

Death Star vs Enterprise

The score is Empire: 1 Federation: 0. Hit the jump to see how it plays out.

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Startup: Tribute to the Lesser Known

I don’t know who’s the bigger nerd: the guy who built this Trekishly sweet coffee table complete with almost-Starfleet-logo shaped tempered glass, or me for being kinda disappointed that he went with the Ambassador class Enterprise-C.


User Input

User Input: Behind the Sofa

Seriously. Scary.

As you all may have gathered, I have become quite a fan of Doctor Who in the last year or so. As a new recruit to the Whovian ranks, I’ve had a lot of catching up to do, but I have to say that the thing that surprised me the most […]

Idiotic or Inspired?

A Star Trek TNG Anthem

The new year is upon us. In a couple days we will consume too many alcohols, and quite possibly break out in song. You may want to be über-inebriated before hitting the jump and watching an homage to Star Trek TNG that my wife sent me.

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