Spy vs Spy Week

Know All The Codes!

Codes, Ciphers & Other Cryptic & Clandestine Communication by Fred B. Wrixon is a spectacularly thorough examination of how people communicate in secret. Its subtitle, “making and breaking secret messages from hieroglyphs to the internet,” is a very succinct description of a very verbose and wide-ranging book. To a layperson, Mr. Wrixon’s book could easily apppear to be a textbook from a military academy. It covers everything you’d ever want or need to know about codes and ciphers, in both theory and practice. But there is very few dry spots in his presentation. He smartly weaves history and technical theory together, using specific past examples of secret codes (both successful and not) to illustrate each of his discussions of specific code types.
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Spy vs Spy Week, User Input

User Input: Where Does He Get Those Wonderful Toys?

Why don't I have a camera in my necktie?

One of the characteristics of the spy game, both real and fictional, that has captured the public’s imagination is the technology that goes into the gathering of intelligence. Whether it’s the fictional gadgetry of the James Bond realm, or the real-life “can you believe […]

Spy vs Spy Week, User Input

User Input: Crossing Into Legend

No spies here. We're not spies. Spies? Not us. No way!

As a rule of thumb, the military and intelligence organizations around the world will use operational names as a method to obscure the nature of their missions for any unauthorized listeners. These names, as it turns out, also result in a significant […]