A-T Technology Death Pool

MSN Direct: Hey Watch This


No really we look cool like this

Microsoft Shows Off The SPOT Watch

[image credit – engadget.com]

It took the technology world seventy years to almost make the Dick Tracy’s TV watch a reality. Other then it wasn’t possible to transmit or receive video and it didn’t have the cool antennae it really was close to the real thing. Still the things it could do seemed like the future was here in 2004.



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A-T Technology Death Pool

MSN Direct Marks The SPOT

Just think this resolution used to be high tech

It’s Going To Be A Cold Memorial Day Apparently

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In our world technology moves very quickly. It doesn’t take to long for a good idea to come and go in the blink of an eye. That item then looks  horribly out of date in less then a decade from release.The future according to Bill Gates wasn’t on a phone or on your computer. It was going to be sent to you over the air.



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User Input

User Input: Shiny Metal Asses

With the advances in automation that took off in the earlier part of the 20th century, humans became awestruck with robots. While the machines we had at the time we fairly rudimentary, our imaginations were not. As we imagined more fantastic robots, we began to anthropomorphize them in our minds, and the concept of […]