Shutdown: X-15

Putting the X in space way before SpaceX put it after.

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A Launchpad Gets A New Owner

Above, Columbia sits atop Launch Pad 39A in preparation for STS-1, the first space shuttle mission. This wasn’t the first time LC-39A would see the flames of rocket motors. It has been around since the Apollo days. In fact, the first unmanned, manned, and Saturn V launches of the Apollo program left earth […]

User Input

User Input: Generous Application of Money

Elon Musk just announced his newest crazy idea, and if we’re honest, it’s just crazy enough to work. For those of you who somehow missed it, he suggested a train, or something. There are plenty of other sites out there that cover the latest and greatest news in technology, so this isn’t the […]


Dragon Verson 2.0

Last week, Paypal Founder and Nikola Tesla aficionado Elon Musk made a statement that his SpaceX company’s second generation Dragon manned space capsule “looks like an alien spaceship”. While the official unveiling of the new Dragon capsule is not scheduled, we have been able to get an artist’s rendition of the Dragon Version […]


SpaceX and History

A Merlin rocket engine being built at the SpaceX Rocket Factory in Hawthorne, CA.

I’ve talked a bit about SpaceX. They are a new player in the space biz. Space is currently dominated by Russia, the US, China and the ESA. SpaceX is looking to change that. They are designing, building and launching their own rockets to the ISS and into low earth orbit. It’s not new, we talked about Orbital Sciences yesterday, but it is unique in scope.

New, however, has ties to old. SpaceX has some very interesting ties.
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Failure To Launch

SpaceX is on track to be the first commercial launch provider to dock with the International Space Station. Saturday morning, bathed in the light of the high power spot lights at LC40, the Falcon 9 rocket with its Dragon capsule loaded with supplies for the ISS had a malfunction and aborted the launch […]


Running Out Of Space

The Progress 38 resupply vehicle heading towards the International Space Station looks so…lonely. Soon, though, space could be a lot more crowded.
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A New Era Of Space Exploration

Meet the Falcon 9, a new rocket being tested by SpaceX with the goal of offering a private-sector alternative to the government-funded space transportation systems. SpaceX is working hard on ironing out the bugs of their new rocket — including a possible crack in the upper stage engine nozzle — and spacecraft, the Dragon. We could see these two fly for the first time together (the Falcon 9 has, obviously, already flown) this week. Continue reading A New Era Of Space Exploration